With our 2020 season in full-swing, not only is the fishing fantastic at Becharof Lodge on the Egegik River, but the wildlife viewing is the best we’ve ever witnessed. Every day we’re seeing a lot of wildlife in this remote part of Alaska.

We’re seeing an average of six brown bears a day, from daylight to dark. The first brown bears are usually spotted from the lodge at first light, while folks sit around, drinking coffee and preparing for the day of coho fishing, ahead. We’re also seeing a number of Alaskan brown bears on the Egegik River, which always makes it fun and exciting. As long as there are salmon around–and you can outrun your buddy–you’re safe!

We had a gray wolf coming into camp on a regular basis, which was fun for everyone to see for a couple weeks. Even in the middle of the day the gray wolf would pass through, seemingly oblivious to the lodge and all that was going on.

Red fox are plentiful this summer up and down the Egegik River, as are Arctic ground squirrels–North America’s largest ground squirrel. One of the red fox that frequents camp is blind in one eye, while a cross fox on the other side of the river often pays anglers an up-close visit.

A short-tailed weasel–aka, ermine–hung out for a few weeks near the boats. It was a curious little weasel, approaching people, posing for pictures, even rummaging through tackle bags. The curious little weasel was fun to watch.

No, we aren’t feeding any of these animals, there’s just a lot of natural food around this year. Plus, angler pressure is low in our area due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the first time, we have no dogs in camp, which usually keeps much of Alaska’s wildlife at bay.

Our berry crops are incredible this summer, as are the ptarmigan numbers. Often times we see upwards of 200 willow ptarmigan a day. The willow ptarmigan is Alaska’s state bird, and one that’s a joy to watch and listen to early in the morning.

Of course, the birdlife is amazing on the Egegik River, with sandhill cranes, swans, short-eared owls, and a host of other winged life, being seen every day.

At Becharof Lodge on the Egegik River, we’re more than about just catching a lot of silver salmon. We’re about providing the ultimate Alaskan experience, and this includes wildlife watching.