Here are some videos taken at our remote fishing camp on the upper end of Alaska’s Egegik River, in what we call the Rapids Camp. There’s a lot of great silver salmon fishing to be had here, along with fishing for Arctic char, chum salmon and on even numbered years, pink salmon.

A lot of people think reaching remote Alaska is difficult and very expensive. While we try and offset some of the flight costs by offering an affordable Alaskan fishing adventure, at the same time, getting to our camp can often be done in one day. Here’s how to get here and what to expect.

At our remote fishing camp on Alaska’s Egegik River, we go after coho salmon many different ways. Be it on the spey rod, fly rod, with poppers, streamers or Teeny Nymphs, there’s no shortage of approaches to be applied on this crystal clear river. We also target Arctic char, chum salmon and more on this remote river. Here’s a look at what to expect when fishing with us at Becharof Lodge on the Egegik River.

When traveling to our remote fishing camp in Alaska, you don’t need a whole lot of salmon fishing gear. In fact, we provide most of the fishing gear you’ll need. Then again, we get a lot of anglers wanting to bring their own personal tackle up to Alaska when fishing with us, so, we’ve put together this video to outline gear you might want to bring along.

Last season one of our anglers was fishing with an underwater camera. He hooked a big silver salmon and the fish broke his line and took his camera. Three days later the fish was caught by another angler, three miles downstream, and the camera was recovered! We got four hours of footage from that journey before the camera batteries ran out. Here’s a short look at how many salmon are actually in the Egegik River when we’re fishing it in August.

There are a lot of different ways to fillet a salmon. This is one method we really like when it comes to cleaning salmon, as it leaves all the meat in one piece. This makes it great for transporting, and if you’re looking to cook up a salmon for a big group, is fun and efficient. If you’d later like to separate the fillets from the belly, and cut, cook and serve different ways, it’s easy to do. Don’t forget to scrape away any remaining meat on the carcass, with a spoon, which is great to use in a stir fry, fish tacos, and more.